Neighborhood Preservation Summit

 Memphis Neighborhood Preservation Summit Awards 

The Neighborhood Preservation Summit is a semiannual event (every 18 months) hosted by the Blight Elimination Steering Team to bring community members together to explore our progress and the future of Memphis neighborhoods. This event features workshops surrounding the work done by each committee of BEST and how this work is applicable to the greater Memphis community. This event offers an opportunity to hear from city and county officials about their aspirations for the Memphis community, as well as a keynote speaker with an interesting perspective on the issue of neglected property.

This year will feature staggered workshop presentations curated by each of the four Blight Elimination Steering Team Committees: Community Engagement, Code Enforcement, Reclaim and Reuse of Vacant Properties, and Data. For more information on workshop registration and content, please visit our registration page.

For those interested in celebrating those revitalizing and empowering Memphis neighborhoods, there is a seat for you at this year’s Neighborhood Preservation Summit!