Neighborhood Preservation Summit

 Memphis Neighborhood Preservation Summit Awards 

The Neighborhood Preservation Summit is a semiannual event (every 18 months) hosted by the Blight Elimination Steering Team to bring community members together to explore our progress and the future of Memphis neighborhoods. This event features workshops surrounding the work done by each committee of BEST and how this work is applicable to the greater Memphis community. This event offers an opportunity to hear from city and county officials about their aspirations for the Memphis community, as well as a keynote speaker with an interesting perspective on the issue of neglected property.

For those interested in celebrating those revitalizing and empowering Memphis neighborhoods, there is a seat for you at the Memphis Neighborhood Preservation Summit Awards. The next Summit will be held in October of 2021, check in early next year for registration and award nomination information.

Summit Award Descriptions

  1. The Leadership Impact Award is given to an individual who has consistently performed exceptional work over a number of years to successfully and sustainably reduce blight in our community.
  2. The Grassroots Leader of the Year Award is awarded to an individual working at the neighborhood level whose efforts are reducing blight in our community.
  3. The Residential Property of the Year is a single-family home, duplex, apartment building, or other residential dwelling that is being maintained at a very high level and whose aesthetics are improving the quality of life throughout the rest of the neighborhood.
  4. The Commercial Property of the Year is a commercial building, such as a retail storefront, or office building, that is making a clear and positive difference to the aesthetics, livability, and safety in its area.
  5. The Law Student of the Year is awarded to the student whose work and dedication as a student in the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law is above reproach. 
  6. The Neighborhood Achievement Award is awarded to the neighborhoods or community-based organizations who have achieved substantial success in reducing property blight in their community.

Thank you to everyone who nominated an individual or organization for an award, stay tuned to hear who the winners are! 

View the 2018 award winners here.

View the 2020 event recordings here.