BEST Membership

Do you support our mission of fighting vacant and abandoned property?

The Blight Elimination Steering Team is a close-knit group focused on eliminating the negative effects of vacant and abandoned properties in Memphis. Members of BEST come from multiple organizations that each adopt the Memphis Blight Elimination Charter upon joining, ensuring that we are working collaboratively to fight blighted property conditions.

The Blight Elimination Steering Team supports the efforts of any group or individual to improve their community and eliminate the problem of blighted properties. While we encourage the efforts of CDC’s, neighborhood associations, and for-profit developers, we ask that BEST members represent city-wide organizations or officials. For this reason, there is a short entry survey to be reviewed by a committee within BEST before new members may join. If you are interested in joining the Blight Elimination Steering Team or would like more information, email Imani Jasper at or call (901) 552 4852.